Hi I'm Anders. I was born in the north of Sweden. Midnight sun was a natural part of my childhood just as dark, freezing cold winters. My family moved south to Stockholm in the 1970th were I grew up and gained an interest in photography. Ten years ago my wife and I moved from Stockholm to the small town Arboga and we took on a life long project renovating/ restaurating our house with barns, all around, dating back to the 17th century. My wife calls our barns the most expensive fence ever built. Since then I live in Arboga and works in Stockholm and gets the best from two different environments.

But who am I? I should say I am a man who loves his wife, dog and cat. I love all kind of animals and most insects. I save all spiders my wife scream about and carefully puts them outside. I like challenges and never ever hesitates to take on an almost hopeless mission. I'm a stubborn optimist who doesn't stop until whatever job is done. I love all kind of music but have a tendensy to prefer rock and pop music.

What I really love about photography is that I can visualize a picture and then capture it in my camera. I love those moments and it's whorth every effort.

If you find this interesting I would love to show you my book